Friday, September 7, 2012

this is what makes me tick

My family lives in a completely different world then most people because of my calling as a pastor. It quite frankly is something that most would never want to open their families up to. Besides, how often does anyone have every word they say, blog they post, sin they commit, decision they make, place they visit, coin they spend, car they buy, schedule they make, response they give become open to critique or discussion.

No one knows, yes no one knows what a pastor and his family deal with every single day of their lives, unless they too pastor a church of 2500 people. Most don't live their lives in a glass houses like we do. By the way, I'm okay with that! Most think they know what we think about and talk about behind closed doors, but that is not the case. 

You see if push came to shove, I would never choose to be a pastor and open my family to such public scrutiny. It's not like I enjoy having to lead and navigate my family to such public exposure. I would much rather punch in and punch out at work without having someone tell me how they would do it differently and how they can't believe this is or that about us. BUT, I have this calling from God that burns deep in my gut that  compels me to do what I do, even if it means that my family is the talk of a dinner conversation, or fodder for super-religious people. The cost is worth the cause.

Truth be known, I would much rather live in a log cabin in the woods with my family and watch deer run free, birds perch on my porch , race an atv down a stream, late night bonfires, early morning coffee on a hillside with my wife, jog in the woods all under the name of "who are those people who live in that cabin?"

So, every chance I get I work hard at being dad or hanging with my sweetheart Anne and creating moments that really get my heart filled with joy. Those moments are hanging with the family, and laughing, telling stories, shooting hoops in the driveway, dancing to a youtube video, and so much more.

I love the calling God has placed on my life and try very hard to keep them in order, Husband, Father and Pastor. So to my family I say this today, YOU ARE AMAZING and one day you will stand before our God and he will say; Well done!

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The Mama said...

your whole family are in my prayers daily because I can only imagine all the Satan throws at you for all that you do to advance the Kingdom of God. Thanks for putting yourself out there and being our Pastor!