Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Deeply moved by this

I just received this card and it is filled with a lot of thank you notes. But this one is a little different then most encouragement cards I receive, because it came from people I have not personally ever met.

Let me explain... We have many ministries here at Grace Community that are outside of our doors. Our desire is and has always been, to be a church that is on mission. I have stated on numerous occasions that if Ryder Trucks came and packed up all of our belongings during the week and we moved out of town and no one missed us then we are in trouble. We believe with all of our hearts that Grace Community should be a mooring point of hope where people run to in times of crisis and where people regularly connect to grow in Jesus.

Well, this card comes from 15 women inmates in our local jail who weekly watch the sermons on DVD. Every week one of our many volunteers for our jail ministry takes the sermon to them so that they can grow behind the bars. Pat Rice is an amazing servant who loves on these ladies every week.

So, when I began to read this card, I was moved to tears, as I pictured moms, sisters, and daughters watching the sermon longing to become godly women. Man, that just fires me up!

One note in particular blessed me "Thank you very much for everything you do, it is much appreciated most people don't take much time to do stuff for inmates and you and Pat do" 

Blessed by Pat Rice and 15 women I have yet to meet but one day will!

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