Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Whatever it takes

People die everyday and meet God. The Bible is very clear that at this moment the final destination for us has been set. We cannot plead, beg, or try to convince otherwise. 

Right now, in front of one of the entrances to our church are wrecked cars. You might ask why? It is part of our interactive Judgment House. This outreach to the community will take people on a scene by scene slice of some teenagers and how everything changed for them one night.

The photo above is the remains of a  vehicle from a real wreck in our community where a young lady lost her life. I'm not certain if this precious lady had a personal relationship with Jesus. But, what I do know is that she  met her Creator God the second she passed.
Starting tonight, our building will be turned upside down to re-create a funeral, a crash, a hospital, a judgment room, and much more. Our hope is that everyone that walks through will leave knowing Jesus as their personal Savior, otherwise they end up in Hell. 

If you are in the area and have been trying to reach out to an individual with the truths of the Bible then bring them to Judgment House! We will do whatever it takes to reach people with the truths of the Gospel.


Miss Country Dancer said...

Can't wait to see how God works in my life and everyone elses life. Thanks Jim for ALL that you and everyone at the church does. It's much appreciated.

Jim Brown said...

I feel blessed to be part of it too!