Thursday, October 18, 2012

The man I want to be

I just drafted this prayer today and this is what  I am praying for me this week October 2012. The power of a written prayer is a lost discipline in our world. This is my heart's cry! 

As a leader

I long to make the world a better place for Jesus because of my leadership. I long to raise up 100,000’s of world changers for Jesus. I long to leave a legacy of faithfulness. I long to lead in a way that gains the attention of our world and because of that gives me a platform to exalt Jesus Christ. I long to always be a humble servant too and never take for granted the places God places me in to lead.

I long to lead with integrity, risk, faith and wisdom. I long to be a leader among leaders becoming a household name in our world for the ways that I am advancing the kingdom of Jesus Christ. I long to give my life away and when my time to pass comes that many carry the DNA of Jesus because of my investment in their lives.

I long to always raise the bar and to push other leaders because of my presence in a room. I long to be a transformational leader!

As a Husband
Hands down my first and foremost goal outside of Jesus is to become the best husband the world has ever seen to my wife Anne. I long to help my wife flourish. I long to become a servant leader to her. I long to breathe my last breath as the Husband of Anne. I long to grow in my love for her. I long to set an example for others to emulate on what a godly husband looks like. I long to always be my wife’s highest earthly gift by the way I love her. I long to always lead my wife in a tender, warrior way. I long to lead my wife well and pray that she will always look ahead and see me out in front, guarding, protecting, loving, defending her heart, her life, her future and our home and marriage. I long to remain pure in heart and to only give my heart and affections to her only. I long to be madly in love with her until we die.

As a Father

I long to pour confidence, courage, love, world-changing qualities into my kids. I long to see them become godly courageous leaders for Jesus. I long to give my absolute best to them first and to pour any wisdom that I have into their lives. I long to be a dad that was there for them no matter what. I long to set pace in our world as the kind of father that gently but courageously leads his kids to become who Jesus created them to be. I long to raise world-changers in my children. I long to provide the most stable, loving environment for them to flourish and grow. I long to know when to let them go and fly and not to  interfere in them becoming adults.  I want to be a launching pad for my children to soar in this world for Jesus! I long for them to be leaders among leaders!

As a man
Plain and simple… I want to be an influencer! I long for people to be pointed to Jesus in a courageous way because of time spent with me. I long to not waste my life on me and my accomplishments but on assisting others to become more like Jesus. I Long to lead 100,000’s to Jesus by the way I live out my life. I long to be a man that people run to in time of crisis. I long to be a simple man who finds joy in the simple things of life, a running stream, daily bread, laughter, time around the dinner table, a jog in the woods, holding my wife’s hand… ect. May I never let success cause me lose sight of the beauty of the simple joys.  I long to be the man God has created me to be and not limit that by the poor health, spiritual and relational choices that I make. I long to hear from my Father-God , well done thy good and faithful servant!

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