Monday, March 18, 2013

believing God for more

Could it be that God really wants to do more in us and through us, yet he is waiting for us to take the first step? Could it be that we are waiting for God to move first and then we will know that this is the path for our lives? Could it be that he is ready to unleash from a heaven so much more, but is waiting for us to show him that we think he can?

These are the questions that surfaced yesterday in our message. Seriously, if God did move would you be ready for that move? Are you living in such a way that shows him that you think he can do far more then we ask or imagine.

Like I demonstrated yesterday, when your 4th grade boy shows up at the Easter Egg hunt, what kind of bag will he be packing? The size of his bag often determines what he believes will happen.
So, I ask you today, how are demonstrating in your life ahead of time, that God will and can do immeasurably more then you are asking or imagining? Well, it might make you look a little stupid, but who cares because stupid for God is far better then falling way short of of what he wanted.

We closed our services praying for those things that we desired God to do immeasurably more in our lives. I don't know about you, but I like praying those kind of prayers because it adds a new level of anticipation to each day.

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