Wednesday, April 24, 2013

another epic night

Epic is overused in our language today, but I will attempt to use it today as I describe this photo. As many of you know we have developed a Discipleship tool for the local church called Fight Club. We released it to the public in about 9 months ago. Now it is in 45 locations across America and the world.

Here on the home front we have have completed 3 chapters and are about to complete chapter 4. It has become the normal operating procedure for me and our church. Yet, it continues to produce moments that are new and fresh and God-ordained. 

Last night we gathered for our midnight meeting and I had a plan for the night laid out pretty clearly. As we opened the evening it soon became apparent that God was in charge and stepped in. So I quickly threw away my plans and gladly submitted to his. 

I will keep the details of that night private, but any man that found a seat in this building will never forget what God did in the hearts of men.

So this morning, as I was glancing through the posts on our closed Facebook page, our very own Rusty Edwards posted this epic shot of the night. Here is what I have become certain of. When you put a group of men together chasing hard after Jesus, he shows up in epic ways. I love Fight Club!


Scott Biedenkapp said...

I'm in my second Chapter of Fight Club here at Gateway Church in Parkesburg, PA. God has changed my life through Fight Club. Thank you for your obedience and your dedication. You can't possibly know the impact you are having on every day men like me. God Bless you and thank you for sharing this epic moment.
In Him,

Jim Brown said...

Thanks Scott, We serve a mighty God! Press on FC Man!