Thursday, April 25, 2013

It just happened for the first time

I have dreamed of the day when Fight Club men would run into each other across the world and be able to recognize each other because of their FC band. Well, it just happened and let me explain

Jack, pictured above was in the Orlando Airport at the same time Scott pictured below was. Scott texted this story to me a few minutes ago.

He said he was in the terminal waiting to board his plane back to Maryland when Jack saw his Fight Club band and approached him. Scott was a graduate of our first chapter here in Goshen, Indiana.

Scott soon found out that Jack was from Kansas and had just graduated from his first chapter there. 
Two men on their way home, one to Maryland and the other to Kansas crossing paths in Florida. How cool is that? As Scott stated in his text FC is uniting men across America! To God be the Glory! Fight on FC Men!

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