Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Free gifts

We live in a world where we seem to be on a constant pursuit of the next best thing, job, possession, accolade, business venture, achievement, trophy and win. We have this inner drive to get better, to not waste our time on planet earth.

We get up early and go, go, go; so that we can climb the ladder to get what we are after. When we pursue these things with the proper motives and a pure heart they can really juice us up. Yet, those pursuits can leave us empty if we pursue them for the wrong reasons. We often neglect to see one of the greatest rewards on our own doorsteps. In fact we don't even have to chase after it. It has been given to us from God.

I have always found this verse below as a great source of encouragement to me.

Children are a gift from the LORD, they are a reward from him. Psalm 127:3

There is no greater joy outside of my Savior and my wife then my kids. I find great joy in being their father. I also carry a huge burden to raise them in a way that points them to Jesus, since they a gift from God to me.

I have never viewed them as a burden to me or felt like they are getting in the way of my dreams or goals. I have enjoyed every stage of life with them from diapers to where they are today. I am often saddened when I hear parents  speak as though their kids are getting in the way of what they want to do or achieve, when the Bible clearly states they are a reward from the LORD. I love the gift of my kids! 

All that to say this: Your children will flourish better when they know they are not a burden to you. When they feel like they are God's gift to you. Maybe the next time you want to complain about your kids or state how hard they make your life, you should remember they are a gift especially wrapped with a bow from God to you.

I am blessed with three special gifts from God; Josh, Hannah, and Isaiah.

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