Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Passion that won't let go

I love it when God grips our hearts so tightly with something that we lose breath thinking about that thing. Over the years I have watched God's grip change people's lives in unusual, marvelous ways. And when that happens passion drips from individual's lives for that thing.

Well, here is a great example of that very thing. Ross and Heidi had a life changing experience in Haiti. And as a result of Heidi's first trip there she gained a love for this precious Haitian young man, Kechemy.

That grip would not let go of her heart and it grabbed her husband's heart and in turn the family. They knew that they needed to get their orphaned son home. Weeks turned into months, prayers began piling up, hours of endless paperwork, tiring delays,  and sleepless nights until Kechemy was brought home to the family that God knew about from the foundation of the world.

This past Sunday Mom and Dad were baptized and in turn they baptized their two sons and new brothers. Adoption is a beautiful way to reunite brothers from different countries and let them experience the hugs of mom and dad together. 

Passion that comes from God makes one an unstoppable wrecking force for the Kingdom, until that thing is realized.

I am grateful that God carries this kind of passion for us too. And I am grateful that he adopted me into his family! 

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