Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A trip of a lifetime

My wife and I just returned from celebrating 25 years of marriage in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  We packed all of our supplies on our Harley Davidson and headed south. We traveled almost 1800 miles together on the bike. It was an incredible ride as we got to feel the wind in our faces and see God's creation up close.

By God's grace we never had one drop of rain, though we were prepared for it. We traveled the back roads, the Beltway in Washington DC and many other winding roads. The ride itself was pure joy for us as we both love to ride.

Everyday was an adventure for us as we purposely did not plan anything ahead of time. We just faced each day with a spontaneous spirit. The photo above is a picture of us standing on front of the Hotel where we honeymooned in 25 years ago. 

Each night we took walks on the boardwalk and ate at beach side diners and restaurants. We enjoyed the fresh fish on the menu and the beach breeze blowing through the diner.

We watched the sun set each evening as we held hands walking the boardwalk and reminiscing on all that God has done in these last 25 years. There were moments of laughter and tears as we recalled how God has provided.

We had tons of conversations with people as we stopped to refuel and stretch along the way. I personally think it is just cool to ride with your biker-babe on a Harley across America.

Anne donned her "My Husband is a Fight Club Man" Shirt on the trip and it opened up a few conversations. Plus I think the pink looks good on her.

We spent the week at the Schooner Inn and the accommodations were perfect for us. We built sandcastles on the beach, read books, body-surfed and caught tons of rays. Plus each morning we had battleships cruising the shoreline.

This is what we awoke to every morning as we walked to our balcony. So after a week of morning runs on the beach where I felt like Eric Liddell from Chariots of Fire, and spending un-interrupted time with each other and God, our hearts are revived, our faith is strengthened and our love has deepened for each other.

All that to say this, I am so grateful for that walk across Grace College Campus some 27 years ago, when a girl with a Michigan State Sweatshirt on, caught my eye!

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