Sunday, May 25, 2014

Everyone should have to...

Maybe just maybe this will help you to see why James 1:27 says pure and faultless is to look after orphans. 

You see everything about this photo oozes with love. These children understand what it means to live in freedom and joy. These precious kids pull you into an endless cycle of joy, pure and faultless joy. 

There are zero strings attached to their love and they live each second realizing that this moment must be lived as if it is your very last. Maybe that is why James also said that our lives are vapors that are here for a second and then gone. Maybe he had spent some time with orphans skipping rocks across the sea of Galliee. Maybe he jumped rope in the hot sun and the Spirit told him that this was pure and faultless religion. I got to believe he experienced it first hand like we have over the last couple of days before he coined that verse. 

Something comes out of a person when they spend time with rescued orphans that causes you to want to love and love and love some more ...

It has been good to watch it unfold in front of me. It is why I love leading these trips. We are here to give ourselves  and build people and that is so much more valuable then buildings . Yet what we receive is a resurrection of our souls that leaves us stripped of all the chaos we have collected along the way. 

I trust you are getting a glimpse of it too. 

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Jill Stutsman said...

Love this! Great pics. Great message.