Monday, May 26, 2014

I honestly never thought the answer would come this way

13 years ago I was asked to co-lead a short term mission's trip to Cambodia. It was a life changing trip for me as God softened my heart for the Asian people. Plus my heart broke for all the lost people, many who had never heard of Jesus. 

On one particular day I remember hiking a mountain to visit a Bhuddist Temple. I recall feeling a heaviness for the country and asking God to send a revival to the country. I remember weeping as we sang the song "Shout  to The Lord." I even remember thinking how will these people ever be reached when there are so many Bhuddist Temples. 

The picture of that Temple and the huge Bhudda has been etched in my mind since that trek up the mountain. Today we made a trek up to a mountain top with the rescued orphan kids. As we began to climb I soon realized I had been here before. All the emotions from 13 years ago hit me again as we now worshipped our God with a new song in the very same place . 

As we sang, The Spirit began to remind me of my prayer I had shouted out to God in a desperate way. Then as we made the trek down the mountain it was almost surreal as we walked to the very spot I had prayed the prayer across Cambodia. I even remember snapping a picture and asking God to please save this country . 

So today I asked one of our girls to stand in the very spot I prayed 13 years ago. 

You see, I never thought God would use children to save this country. But that is exactly what is happening today. Our kids from Asia's Hope are the direct answer to my prayer, they are truly Asia's future hope. 

I am weepy as I write this because these kids have answered my prayers and I never would have thought it would have happened this way. 

All the things that had to happen for this to take place leave me saying "only God could do that!"

What an amazing God we serve! 

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Jonathan Corbin said...

Wow, wow, wow! what an incredible example of how perseverance and staying in the fight to advance the kingdom of God will bear fruit. How many answers to prayers have not been seen by people because they didn't step out or they gave up? Yes, this was a God thing...Thank you Jim for your faithfulness to continually press on for the kingdom of God. Because of that you have this story to share to encourage the hearts of many to come. Blessings!